Saturday, December 24, 2016

Bowral Parkrun ~~~~~ My 70th!

With one thing and another I've missed the last 2 of our parkruns, but this morning I was back!  Not having done much running at all for 3 weeks, coupled with the fact that I still have bronchitis and on 2nd course of antibiotics, I wasn't expecting anything amazing to happen .... and it didn't!

Started off downhill slowly and took it easy on the cycle path.  On the way back after the turnaround, I ran clear out of breath and even with help from a puffer and lovely fellow runner, Ian, I had to take walk breaks all the way to the hill on which, happy to say, I didn't stop! Looked at the Garmin and thought I saw 49 minutes; about right and what I disappointingly expected!  However, looking more closely at home I saw my time was 40 minutes...not 49 at all!  Bloody stoked I was!

Official times have just been published now at 4pm (3 missing barcodes held up results).

5km in 40:40 (how neat is that!)

AHR 126bpm;  MHR 135 bpm
88% - 94% of max.

Avg. cadence 163spm

TE 2.5  Maintaining

and .....

82.50% age graded!

In the coming weeks I'll stay with low heart rate training; seems to be working and takes the pressure off during the summer months.  Also, I can do that every day without having to take alternate days off.


  1. Sounds good. Stick to those shady courses too. You ran about the same time as Anne Y at Tuggers - a flatter course and she's only just turned 80.