Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hot & Humid! ~~~~~

Even with cloud cover it was hot and the air thick.  A shorter jog/walk than previous days this week.  Tomorrow, I will probably not run but do a set of Magill drills/strides in the school soccer field in the shade.

Today:  38 minutes

AHR 98 bpm;  MHR 102bpm
68% - 76% of max.

TE   1.3  ~~~  Minor!


  1. I like the new background. Very modern! I wouldn't worry about TE readings for runs with walks in them. Walking is a very inefficient way of covering ground at speed and I think Garmin is confused by this. The most reliable TE readings would be for runs at moderate to tempo effort pace.

  2. Good advice as usual, Ewen! Have you been to see "Allied"? I enjoyed it today.

    1. No, haven't seen it yet. Been working at Mum's under the supervision of the sisters, sanding and painting. Saw "Sully" earlier which I recommend.