Thursday, December 22, 2016

Returning to the Scene of the Crime! ~~~

Back to Bowral Parkrun course this morning where, three weeks ago today, I collapsed and finished the day in emergency Bowral Hospital!  Tests and a bout of bronchitis since then, I wanted to try myself out on the course before Saturday when I intend to return to Bowral parkrun. I needed to chase some negative thoughts away!

A delightfully cool morning after overnight rain; the grass either side of the hilly path is every bit "as high as an elephant's eye"!  Happy to say nothing untoward occurred and I finished the 5km course feeling fine helped, no doubt, by eating a banana and drinking electrolytes before starting!

Walk/Jog low HR 98-108bpm

45 minutes
AHR 106bpm;  MHR 141bpm
74% - 98% of Max.

TE  2.2  =  Maintaining!


  1. Nice return. Glad you didn't come across any Joe Blakes. Or a chalk outline from the scene of the crime.