Friday, September 30, 2005

Another 'Easy' Run

6km on the treadmill followed by some much needed work on the leg press ......
This has to improve before tackling "6ft Track- The Slower Version"!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Report Card on 3km Time Trial!

At the conclusion of some very good advice for next Time Trial is the following Report Card -



NEATNESS - 7/10...Points were lost here for being caught limping!!!!! ........>


Able to ROOSOADN - 7/10 ....Figure that one out!!

3km Time Trial

.......that's what I felt like & probably closely resembled! Sluggish right from the start of the warm up etc. Some days it's like that I think...just difficult to get going.

I'd measured a 1.5 km out & back section of the road near the Mittagong airstrip, the flattest I could find, but even then some slight ups & downs, potholes & a few cars to dodge. Overcast, windy, but not a gale; 11:00am start, not realizing there had been a tailwind until the turn around when it became a headwind!

Today's time was 18:12 - 1.5km out in 9:56 (should have been nearer 9:00); 1.5km back in : 8:15. Not a PB but faster than 18:22 on 10th August.

I did the best I could, but didn't feel good, all of it was hard work...if that makes sense! Next week, I start some training on a real track..., that will be interesting & should help Chickybabe to run out of sight, even if only on a dark night!

Report Card to follow!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

'Easy' 4km

Another short run & again at the gym so that I could do some more work on the leg press. Big day tomorrow - Time Trial Day!

Monday, September 26, 2005

'Easy' Run - 4km

Raining heavily - went to the gym & did 4km on the treadmill & then some leg presses. So good to get some steady rain.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

"Long" Run

......even the cows were amused to see this sluggard sauntering past this morning!

An overcast, cool morning with quite a heavy fog on the ranges, I put in some walk breaks because that's what I felt like doing! In this ambling fashion 80 minutes became 90 minutes. Now for this week's program.....


26 - 4km 'easy'

27 - 4km 'easy'

28 - TIME TRIAL : 3km fast - usual warm-up, strides, stretching. Usual GRRRR!

29 - Rest Day.

30 - 6km 'easy'

Sat 1 - 3km 'easy' or rest.

Sun 2 - Long Run 16km 'easy'

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Friday, September 23, 2005

2 x 1km

I think I'd better hide! I'm pretty sure I made a mess of today session as I did the important bits in reverse order!

I did the 20 minutes warm up on grass, 4x100m strides, stretched & walked to the start of the first km which should have been run in 6:30, walk back to the start & the second km in 6:20. The important part was to run the second km faster than the first!

Instead, I ran the 1st km easily in 5:44 & felt very comfortable; I would have had to slow right down to extend the time to a 6:00 min/km & thought I wouldn't have to try much harder to run the second km just 10 seconds faster!! WRONG! The seconds slipped away & by the time I looked at my watch, it was too late even though I made a huge dash to finish...2nd km was 6:00 minutes! So did I do the 1st km too fast or should I have pushed harder in the 2nd km?? Only time & Ewen will tell!! Report card tonight!

Glorious day; very warm; all the spring blossoms bloomin' their little buds off; walked leisurely 3km back home thinking : now, why did I get that so wrong??

Report Card :
1) Following instructions 4/10
2) Performance 8/10
3) Form 8/10 (that's a guess as I didn't see you run)
4) Learning 9/10

This report is being very generous, I think, as I was expecting 0/10 for #1.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

30 Minutes 'Easy' Run

Same track as yesterday for 30 minutes - on a very warm, beautiful day!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Another Recovery run

And another lunch date! But first off, did what the program says : 20 minutes 'easy' run.
Walked 5 minutes to a dirt track covered with pine needles, 20 minutes easy jog, 5 minutes walk home; then another enjoyable lunch with a friend from Sydney.

No more shenanigans for this week...been good fun though!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Social Event!

Today's 20 minutes will have to wait until tomorrow! Sydney friends for lunch (we didn't eat them, I think we entertained them!) so.......lots of talking, lots of laughter & lots of good reds. No typos errors so far, so I must have been really, really good! Yes, tehre's one...'typos'; oops there's another...'tehre's.

Love my purple 'Frees'!

Oh well, Chickybabe sure had a good day!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Recovery Run

An easy 30 minutes this morning...beautiful day.....legs OK after yesterday's 10km......still very happy with that! Tired last night though after driving to Canberra, running & driving back, but so pleased I made the effort!

Next run - Fitzroy Falls 10km, 15th October.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Week's Program

No slackening off for anyone who still can't run out of sight on a dark night!

19 - 30 minutes easy.
20 - 20 minutes easy.
21 - Rest...Phew! Thought I mightn't get one!
22 - 25 minutes easy or the gym (The gym I think!)
23 - 2 x 1km : 1st km in 6:30 ( That's easy!) 8 minutes walking....(aaah!); 2nd km in 6:20 (another easy one!)
24 - Rest....(good-oh!)
24 - LONG RUN : 80 minutes easy (very easy; "talking to the cows" pace!)

More pics.......same faces! (courtesy of Ewen)

LL showing off her purple "Frees"!! Raced in them for the first time & they were light... but wouldn't do a longer distance in them.

"Canberra Times" 10km Run

............I think I'll soon be able to run out of sight...but only on a dark night! Nevertheless, I practically flew today!! Finished in 65 minutes (neg. split 3 mins.).........fastest 10km in the last 12 months.....2 of which were 75 minutes (Fitzroy Falls) & 67 minutes (Fisher's Ghost) both in 2004. Ewen thinks I'll be drug tested soon....isn't he sweet?! And what a coach!

Left Mittagong at 6:00a.m. & in Canberra just before 8:00a.m. for what was to be perfect running weather; plenty of time to queue for loos as usual & warm up for the 9.45a.m. start with over 2000(?) 10km runners & 1500(?) 5km walkers who started at our 5km mark. At my slower pace I got caught up with the walkers but managed to wriggle my way around & through them & zoomed along the cycle track without getting lost!!

The course was good...a few long inclines & some very welcome declines. A short, steep slope was something of a surprise at the very end of the run! It was great to meet up with more Cool Runners & relax for a while on the shores of the Lake before driving back to Mittagong.

A day well worth the effort!

Obviously, I'm hopeless wth names!

L. to R. : CRs Griffin, LL, Speedy Geoff, AKI, CJ, Flash Duck, Strewth, Ewen/Wombatface.

(Hope I've got it right!)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Rest Day......

...........for tomorrow's "Canberra Times" 10km Run.

Friday, September 16, 2005

A 'Very Easy" Run

I walked 1km to the soccer field so that I could run on the softer grass surface for 15 minutes + 4 x 100m strides & then 1km walk home. I did this because I have a bit of an ache down the outside of my lower left leg since Sunday's half marathon & hoping it won't give me trouble in Flash Duck's CR Girls Team on Sunday in the 'Canberra Times' Family Fun Run; will take a rest day tomorrow & keep icing the area & see how it is then. I don't want to have to pull out, but then again I don't want to end up with having to take time out later with an injury.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

An Easy Run

Another recovery run. Today is even more windy than yesterday so off to the gym again for 35 minutes on the treadmill.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A 'Slow' Run

Used the gym treadmill this morning for 25 minutes easy run.... too windy to venture out. Legs still a bit heavy/tired after an exciting weekend in Sydney!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Monday, September 12, 2005

Sept. 12 -18

This week's program - unless changed by Ewen!

12 - Rest (What a blessing! My legs are so stiff I'm walking like an old woman!)
13 - Rest ( ditto, the above!)
14 - 15 minutes 'easy'
15 - 15 minutes 'easy' .....change to 30 minutes easy
16 - Rest .......change to 15 minutes + 3 - 4 strides at the end.
17 - 20 minutes 'easy' ...........change to "Rest".
18 - "Canberra Times" 10km......part of Flash Duck's "Cool Running Team"!!

Blackmore's Half Marathon, 2005

Omni, LL & Owl....& Chickybabe with wings spread, swallow-diving.............>

Oh, I did enjoy this run; I loved it! Ran with Owl all the way & Omni for most of the way. We called out to all the CRs we knew & all the ones we didn't know!

What made this special was having others with & around me all the way out & back. We might not have passed too any on the way out, but for the last 5km or so, we simply flew along passing young & old (!) until Observatory Hill where I, not Owl, almost came to a standstill; almost but not quite! That was a horror of a hill! In fact the entire course is a hard one that I'd forgotten about.

Then for the last few kms, Chickybabe simply took wing & flew down Macquarie street alarmed at her own speed!! I'm certain that the Time Trials I've been doing for a mere 4-5 weeks have been of great significance in helping me to finish faster & more easily over a longer distance than ever before. Even the poor darling Wombat, who had been waiting for me at 1.5km from the finish, had the most awful trouble trying to keep up with me!!!! Will this student outrun her teacher?

After a great race, we enjoyed a leisurely stroll over the Harbour Bridge reached by an agonizing climb up dozens of steps...Ewen carrying the bags, me doubled-up, moaning & groaning with quad pain! We followed this with a pleasant lunch with Robert & Flash Duck & then headed back to Mittagong for a cup of tea, a Bex & bit of birthday cake.... starting from the heel, we've finally reached the licorice shoe laces!!

Another great run! But nearly forgot the splits! Missed the 5km sign so no split for that section!Other splits were - @ 10km 1:14:24; @ 15km 36:54; 20km 36:32; @ 21.1km 4:52.

Official Time - 2:31:31

Friday, September 09, 2005

A 'Slow' Run

.....Chickybabe off to Sydney in the morning!!

25 minutes slow, but forgot to do the 'strides' at the end! Oh well.....! Results book from GC marathon tells me I've set a new race record (age-category) for that course! So there really are some other slower runners after all!

Driving to Sydney in the morning with Ewen who will probably drag me out to do the 'strides' in the arvo!

Hot here to day; some clouds rolling in; rain is forecast; I hope it's cooler in Sydney on looking forward to the day!! I need to remind myself that : "As long as I enjoy the run, it will have been a success, no matter the time!"

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

2km Time Trial

Left at mid-day to do today's session. Warm up 20 minutes & strides on the soccer field. Set off too fast for the 1st km & struggled to get to the end of the 2nd km! Jog/walk 4km home.

As instructed, not a PB!! 10:35 total, as against 10:28; this is such a tough session for a Chickybabe!

Took note of weekend weather for Sydney - 27C on Saturday & 19C on Sunday; glad it's not the other way around!!

and now....The Nibbling of the Cake!...


....THE Birthday Cake...that crushed the Chrysler!

.....The Flowers!....

....The Birthday Present!......

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Back In Business!

Three days without a computer!! After major surgery, we're back in business!

Brief Recap : Sunday : Long Run........1:04 out; 1:01 return; 16km in cold, wet, windy conditions.

Monday : Took the day off to recover...& to have another birthday! Phew! Made it to another one!

Tuesday : Did 30 minutes on elliptical trainer.

And now for the rest of this week :


7 - TIME TRIAL 2km hard.*

8 - Rest Day.

9 - 30 minutes easy including 'strides' at end.**

10 - Rest Day..... OR...... Walk with Wombat in Sydney (definitely the latter!)


* "Don't go all out for a PB....not 2008 1500m Olympic Games pace."!!!!!

(Just as well I got this modification..I intended going much faster than that!

** "Cut back to 20-25 minutes EASY jogging." That I can do.... EASILY!

Friday, September 02, 2005

"Steady" Run

Program said 55 minutes "steady" - rounded it off to 60 minutes to do 8.5km; windy day, but otherwise all OK. Avg. HR 75%; Max. 85% = "steady"!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I hope it's a happy one for Cool Running Bloggers from the Spring Chickybabe!