Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Computer Says "Yes!"

After 2 days for a nip and tuck, the computer returned home today all smiles.... me too! I can't live without it!

Tuesday : a few (very few!) hill repeats.

Wednesday : a few (very few !) kilometres...4.3km.

Tomorrow: Who knows? Maybe a few (very few) 100m repeats.

Leaving for Sydney (Blackmores Half Marathon) Saturday morning. Ewen picking me up on his way from Canberra........unless he forgets to turn off the freeway!


  1. Wow. For a moment there, I thought that you'd had the nip & tuck...

    See you Sunday!


  2. Those other (older) ladies in your new age group have no chance against you LL. Show 'em how its done!

  3. Not on the back of the Suzy I hope? See you Sunday LL, Run fast and take the age group medal.

  4. TA and the Gnome : No time for a nick & tuck; too late! Ha! Ha!

    Thanks everyone : hope to see you all go by on Sunday!

  5. I'm known for my forgetfulness. I think I remember being told that on numerous occasions.