Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Home and Away!

Referring to the photos, not the TV show! Wisteria in full bloom at home - Away at Chev Track.

I don't know what to call today's training (i.e. is it a tempo run or a time trial?) Who knows! I'll call it a "Spiral" :

2km warm-up. Few drills.

5km "Hard" (Upper Aerobic)
AHR 85%; MHR 94%.
Time 32:40
Avg. Pace 6:31; Max. Pace 5:42
1km Splits 6:26; 6:32; 6:31; 6:44; 6:21

Spiral : Starting on the inside lane and working one lane outwards after each lap to lane 8. Reverse direction and work from lane 8 back to lane 1.

7km today.

After yesterday's long run, I expected today's training to be tougher than it was....but it was tough enough! Finished the day with a couple of hours in the garden....pulling old things out and putting new things in!

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