Monday, September 28, 2009

Long Run Today Instead of Yesterday!

I didn't dare face the hurricane for a long run yesterday. Today was bad enough but an improvement on the last two days which have been vile!

"The Old Malt", used by Tooths Brewery in Sydney to malt barley for beer, opened in Mittagong in 1907 and closed in 1970.

Part of today's long run took me for the first time past the now derelict building known as the "Old Malt" so I took a few snaps of it. Unfortunately I couldn't get closer as it's a "Keep Out" zone now....would have loved to roam around inside during daylight hours; spooky at night!

Long Run of 16.5km
AHR 68%; MHR 81%

My legs didn't seem to have much 'spring' in them today - two days off is too long; best to just keep legs doing something each day - even 15 minutes - rather than nothing I think...for my legs anyhow! I'm blaming the wind for being slow, though it has dropped considerably since the hurricanes of the past two days. Happy to finish a fairly hilly course.

An easy 6km tomorrow. Gosh! It's nearly to the supermarket! What to eat tonight!

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  1. Since when has "Keep Out" kept you out? What about the far end of Diamondfields Road?!