Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ten Green Jelly Beans.....

I didn't really care what colour they were, but they got me through the last 10km of today's 28km long run! Started at the school in Radio Road and ran an 8km loop there and on Bong Bong Road. I started very late but as it was cool again, I don't think it made any difference from getting up early, as I'd intended to do. So, around 11:00am start; cool; misty rain.

The second loop was 10km on Diamond Fields Road and the 3rd loop, 10km on Inkerman Road. All OK for the first 2 loops at 18km and able to return to the car after each loop for water. By then I was starting to dread the last 10km : my feet were hurting; my back was aching and my legs were saying : No more!

Here's where the jelly beans came to my rescue. After 10km on Diamond fields Road I was back at the car and feeling in need of something to have sufficient energy to run the last 10km, I ate about 6 jelly beans and then put 10 more in my pocket so as to eat one as I completed each of the final 10kms. I swear I wouldn't have made it without that hit of sugar! I should have had gels & sports drink but forgot to buy some. I kept looking at my watch hoping to see if it was time to eat another jelly bean!

Even with the jelly beans I was so out of energy that, had a police car driven past, I'm sure they'd have arrested me for running while intoxicated, so wobbly had I become! I still had about 600m to go when I got back to the car, so I removed my shoes from my aching feet and ran around the school quadrangle in my socks until the Garmin showed 28km....done!

This run has made me realize something I'd almost forgotten : how everything changes - for me anyhow - after about 22km and by 28km to 30 and over, it can become another new world....and not such a nice one either! Hence, the necessity, if I'm ever to run another marathon, of getting as far past the 30km and as often as possible. That way I might get used to the changes that happen to both mind and body and not be taken by surprise as I was today. After all, I'd run 25km last Sunday; you'd think 3km more wouldn't make such a difference.

However, now that I've recovered somewhat, I realize that this 28km came at the end of a week that had two other high intensity workouts and they would have taken some of the freshness that a taper would have given.

Oh well, it's all training for the mind and body to get used to what it takes to run long distances, but also improve at the shorter 10km races and half marathons as well.

After that ramble, the results:

Distance = 28km
Time = 3:43:36!!
Avg. pace = 7:59; Best 5:32.
AHR 110 (70%); MHR 125 (80%)
5km splits = 39:06; 40:57; 38:09; 40:37; 38:36......(+25:06)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Tempo Run

Another late start at 11:00am and already very hot. I ran a 5km loop on Radio & Bong Bong Roads where it was fairly flat and with some shade.

Virtual Partner ran with me again at 6:38 min/km.

2km warm-up; few drills & strides.
5km in 33:08
Avg pace 6:37min/km
Best pace 5:18 min/km
AHR 128 (81%)
MHR 141 (89%)

Total Distance 7km..

and finished ahead of VP who ran dressed in his best hoping for victory!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Difficult Day at the Track...

12 x 400m at 5:46 to 5:40 min/km (or 2:12 to 2:20 time)

.....and I thought this was pretty tough!

2km warm-up.
Drills & Strides.

Time for each repeat : 2:13; 2:13; 2:12; 2:11; 2:13; 2:12; 2:09; 2:12; 2:12; 2: 10; 2:10; 2:09

Between each 400 I very slowly jogged 400m.

I had Virtual Partner for company again, to pace me at 2:12 for each 400m. I was just ahead of him for each one.!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

First Really Long Run In a Long While!

And that' because the weather changed from indescribable heat to delightful cool misty rain throughout the Southern Highlands today. All the surrounding ranges were hidden in mist. It was just my kind of day for a long run!

After a quick cup of coffee at home, I started just after 7:00 am outside the school in Radio Road and finished in exactly the same spot some hours later! I ran a 10km loop north on Diamond Fields Road, back to the car where I had water & half a banana, changed into my speedy Newton trainers - the ones that sent me AOT at SMC last Sunday...I swear they make me run faster! - and then set off south on my Inkerman Road loop, intending to make it another 10km and be back to the car for more water & the rest of the banana! I wore my Nike Vomero 4 trainers for the first 10km loop.

It's a woman's privilege to change her mind and I did by continuing on after 5k instead of turning around to make the second 10km loop that I'd planned, until I'd run18.5km and then turned back for 8.5km which brought me right to where I'd the school, where I finished the remainder of the banana & had a LOT of water to drink. Cool weather doesn't stop thirst altogether.

Distance 27.2km
Time 3hours 18 minutes
5km Splits 39:25; 36:46; 37:03; 36:22: 35:02....(2.2km in 13:55)
Avg. pace 7:2; Best 4:57
AHR 113 (72%); MHR 127 (80%).

I thoroughly enjoyed today's long run and it has all to do with the weather for me! When I sent Ewen a text about distance etc, I said I think I could have managed a marathon today...very likely just wishful thinking! But I felt really good for the entire run & that's important for me!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tempo Run

Today's run was :-

16km Tempo Run
Pace 6:39 to 6:42

I was aiming for an avg. 6:42 min/km but didn't quite make it!

I was out by 7:00am after hearing the forecast for 45 + degrees today. Fortunately, at that time, I had heavy cloud cover so the first 10km was good, but after that the sun came through with a vengeance and the last 6km was really difficult. The course I ran has quite a few steep inclines that slowed me down towards the finish. Well, they're my excuses for not keeping up the pace.

1 hour 55 minutes
AHR 71%; MHR 80%
Avg. Pace 7:12 min/km
Best " 5:11 min/km

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On Track...

At Chev track this morning; hot and windy but got through the session OK.

2km warm-up
A few drills & strides

3 x 1600m repeats @ 5:58 to 5:55 per km.

Between each repeat I walked 100m, jogged 200m, walked 100m. I didn't get to the oval until nearly mid-day so it was very hot and the 1600's were NOT easy. I had Virtual Partner set to run at 5:55 min/km.

1st 1600m in 9:28 (5:55 pace). AHR 80%; MHR 85%.

2nd 1600m in 9:24 (5:52 pace). AHR 82%; MHR 88%.

3rd 1600m in 9:23 (5:51 pace). AHR 84%; MHR 91%.

I finished ahead of Virtual Partner each time!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cross Training


10 minutes warm-up jog.
42 minutes drills, including 12 x 50m strides.

Take the dogs for their walk; feed the calves.

....and that's it for today; track tomorrow!

Monday, January 18, 2010

SMC 10km ...PB!

On Sunday I did the SMC 10km race at Smithfield and I ran a PB! My previous 10km times there were 68 minutes in October & 63:20 in November. I ran the half marathon in December.

With the assistance of my trusty TomTom, I left Mittagong on Sunday around 5:45am and at Rosford Reserve in plenty of time for a 2km warm-up and a few light drills & strides.

The race began at 7:30am

My time : 62:46 (unofficial) official times not available for a few days.
AHR 137 (87%) MHR 156 (98%)
5km splits: 31:49; 30:30
Avg pace 6:15;
I'd set the Garmin pace at 6:19min/km

I ran hard from the start and so hard down the grassy slope at the finish that I went head over turkey and landed on one knee and my top lip just metres before the finish! I don't think anyone could have got back up on their feet any faster than I did & then over the timing mat! However, those who did witness it came to my assistance including a man from the St. John's Ambulance! No damage, except for feeling pretty stupid!

One extremely nice male runner took me to where I could sit down and, seeing that I'd drawn a blank for the lucky draw, after my unlucky fall, gave me his ticket which had a red dot on it, meaning you present it at the canteen for a surprise gift and that's how I came away with a bottle of Linderman's Merlot!

So, I'd have to say that in spite of the tumble I had a very good day : A PB and a lucky draw prize!

Now for today, Monday: Cross Training : Hills

At Iron Mines Oval I did 10 minutes warm-up followed by a hard 20 x 20 seconds up a steep grassy slope, slow jog down between each.

I'd worn a track by the 20th!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Taking It Easy Before SMC..

Today's program was to have been a 13km tempo run, but because I'm running the SMC 10km race on Sunday, plans have been slightly changed. No, not slightly, more like drastically!

8km 'easy' in 57:27.
Avg. Pace 7:10; Best 5:03.
AHR 114 (72%); MHR 149 (94%).
Splits 8:02; 7:49; 7:02; 7:03; 7:14; 6:30; 6:33; 7:11

After finishing this run I did 6 x 100m strides.

Wonderful weather for running: cool and a slight, misty drizzle. All good for today and hoping for the same on Sunday!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Introducing "Fred" & "Ginger"!

That's "Ginger" at the top who does have another half to her head! She thought my mobile was a piece of bread! I had to throw slices on the ground to get them to back off so that I could take some snaps of my two 'friends', while Amy and Oscar sniffed arund outside the gate. It was difficult trying to get photos with them gobbling the bread faster than I could hand it to them. If I slow down I get a soft nudge in the leg to speed up with the goodies!

Earlier in the day:

Chev Track
2km warm-up.
Drills & strides.

7 x 800m repeats
with Virtual Partner set at 5:49 min/km.

Time for each 800m repeat : 4:38 (5:48m/k); 4:40(5:48m/k); 4:38(5:47m/k); 4:38(5:47m/k); 4:38(5:47m/k); 4:40(5:49m/k); 4:39(5:47m/k).
Much better! I finished ahead of VP for each one!

Heart Rate 82% to 94%.

I took longer recoveries in the shade today because of the heat. Right now as I type this, we're having a huge electrical storm and plenty of rain with it. Lovely! A good day!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thirty-five Minutes......

.......that's all it took before I packed up and stopped today's drills session.

By 3 pm on the hottest day I can recall here (37 degrees) a few clouds appeared blocking some of the sun, so I took that as a sign that it was time to get out and do a drill or two. I drove to Renwick soccer field where there was some shade on the gravel path along one side of the field.....some, but not enough, when the sun came through again.

Once there, there was nothing I could do but get on with the drills that were planned for my cross-training.

About 5 minutes jogging warm-up.
30 minutes of drills with strides in between each set.
5 minutes cool-down.....then

I found a hose, turned it on full blast & stood under it for at least five minutes. It was almost as good as a swim! Aiming the hose at my mouth, I drank till I could drink no more and then just stood there with the hose over me, drenching me from head to toe. Heavenly!

There are 2 calves that belong to the school to keep the grass down I suppose. When they arrived a couple of months ago to replace the two that got sent off to market - much to my disgust, I told the Headmaster - I named the new ones "Fred" & "Ginger" after you know who...... and besides, that's their colour...ginger!

After I finish a run or when I take the dogs for their afternoon run, I always go into the paddock, call them and up they trot, bellies swinging, knowing that I bring each a loaf of fresh bread which I feed to them by hand. Unless I keep it coming, "Fred" gives me a dig with his head to speed up the process! Lovely, greedy things!

What's this all about, you might ask? Well, this afternoon as usual I checked to see if their trough had enough water. I was shocked to see about a couple of inches left; obviously no one is in charge of looking after them during the holidays. I think this is downright cruelty and I was very cross that no one seems to be responsible for them over the long holiday period and especially in this terrible heatwave.

That leaves me feeling responsible and I will be until school resumes! As well as feeding them their 'daily bread', I'll also check on the water supply each day from now on. I can't understand neglect like this; it makes me very angry. I'll speak to the Headmaster. whom I've come to know well, when he returns. "Fred" & "Ginger" are such gentle & tame little things and totally dependent on someone's care. Well....from now on, they have mine!

It just so happens that I know where the tap is that takes water to the trough, so while that was filling up, I had my own shower under the hose, patted the calves goodbye and drove home! I felt good about 'coming to their rescue' but still annoyed that no one from the school thinks to do it.

Apologies for the ramble, but I had to get this off my chest!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cross Training...Mondays & Tuesdays

It's been too haphazard getting up on Monday & Tuesday and thinking: What'll I do today? It's a cross training day. To avoid having to think about it, I've come up with a simple solution (subject to approval!) and I won't have to think about it again:

Mondays I will do HILLS.
Tuesday I will do DRILLS & STRIDES.

I began this morning (without approval!) and went to Iron Mines Oval.

15 minutes warm-up jogging.
12 x hard & fast (?) up a 48m grassy slope (no idea of
gradient, but out of breath at top)...full recovery after each.
5 x running up flight of 18 steps
5 x up steeper 20m grassy slope.....recoveries after each.

I liked this session even though running uphill(with good form as shown in the above picture!) is not easy! Had a terrible thirst by the finish only to find the bubbler broken. Reminder to take water next time.

After running up, I walked backwards down each hill - minus any navigation instruments - because I read somewhere it stretches the calves!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Marathon....I Don't Think So!

I started out at 6:15am today thinking I'd avoid the heat, but I don't think it cooled down overnight at all. Minutes after starting, the sun came bursting through and it just got hotter and hotter as the long run progressed.

At least it progressed, but I became slower and slower as the heat increased. Anyhow, I finished what I set out to do but not at the pace on my program i.e. 6:57 to 7:06. Only 2 kilometres were near that: one at 7:03 and the other at 7:11 min/km.

I ran 3 x 8km loop starting at the school in Radio Road so that I could stop for drinks, the loo etc. each time I returned!

Time 3 hours exactly!
AHR 72%; MHR 88%.
Avg. Pace 7:37; Best 5:24.

I console myself by looking at last Sunday's run which should have been 20km but I couldn't get past 17k because of a late start in the heat. I thought that getting up at 5:30am I was assured of a brialliant long run in record time! No such thing! Just thinking of trying the marathon distance again gives me the horrors!

Today 24km.

Yes, Ewen, I had a nana nap; in fact, a grand-nana nap, sighing and bemoaning my lack of a faster pace and in obvious distress for the entire afternoon!

Friday, January 08, 2010

A Much Better Day!

Better day, because I was able to stay with, and more often slightly ahead of, Virtual Partner for today's tempo run. I finished well ahead of him, so for today I had the last laugh!

2km warm-up
Drills and strides

8km tempo run....VP set to run a 6:32 min/km.

Finished with an average pace of 6:31 min/km!

Time = 52:16
AHR 124 (78%); MHR 131 (82%).
1km splits 6:31; 6:30; 6:35; 6:26; 6:34; 6:31; 6:35; 6:26

Today, as opposed to yesterday's, this pace felt quite comfortable based on my recent 10km time of 63:20, and I had no problem staying with it for 8km. The morning was cool and very overcast; slightly humid but the clouds kept the sun from getting through.....a real blessing!

I used a 3km loop along Radio and Bong Bong Roads. Having just about completely forgotten yesterday's, I was pleased with today's session!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Bad Track Day!

....this is Virtual Partner waiting for me to finish each of the 5 x1200m repeats I ran at the track today!

Never had a worse session.......after every 800m legs went lactic so that in some of the repeats I was almost walking for the last 400m. I stopped at #3 and started to walk to the car to drive home. By the time I got to it I was feeling better & decided to walk around in the shade and then try for just one more. I did and it was the same as the others with VP waiting at the finish line!

I walked in disgust to the car again, walked around for 15 minutes in the shade & came up with the mind-boggling thought that I could just about do #5 and finish. Same again- VP way ahead and waiting patiently at the finish!

I had done this session, with one less repeat, in early December and all were completed in under 7 minutes. Here's today's effort :-

2km warm-up
6 minutes drills & strides.
5 x 1200m @ 5:55 to 5:52 min/km

I had VP set for 5:52 pace.

6:53 MHR 140 (88%)....5:56 pace
7:33 MHR 146 (92%)....6:17
7:04 MHR 148 (93%)....5:53
7:23 MHR 141 (89%)....6:08
7:32 MHR 142 (90%)....6:16

It would help I suppose if I didn't leave it till 11:00a.m to start. Thunderstorms and heavy rain the previous afternoon made for heat and high humidity....both gave VP a chance to get even....and he did with resounding success!

8km today.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cross Training Today

I did today's training on the road, in the grounds & outside the school in Radio Road. Very hot. Everything seemed to go to plan. Started with tired legs, but they improved once I spoke to them sharply!

15 minutes easy jog warm-up.
35 minutes of drills, strides & hard running up short grassy hill...not steep enough, but will do for now.

It's very handy being able to use the school grounds & surrounds for this sort of session. Access to water, shade and.......toilets!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sunday's Long Run

....on Monday.

Missed out on this yesterday so ran my long run today instead of cross training. Light drizzle to begin with, then sunny and humid.

(should have been 22km but today I just didn't have it my legs to complete the distance so decided to call it a day at 17km).

Time = 2hours 12 minutes

AHR 105 (66%); MHR 121 (76%)

5km splits = 37:17; 36:45; 40:50 (2k/17:43)