Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bowral Parkrun #42 ~~~~~

Martin Dent from Canberra ran our original course this morning in 15:19; through large, deep, icy puddles on the cycle path and the hill a quagmire from start to finish!  I wonder what he thought of the course!! 

For me, this morning was a waste of time and energy; mud and icy water flowing after the snow and splashed knee high was just too damned cold and has taken me 2 hours so far trying to get warm.  Why we didn't use the alternate course this morning of all mornings, I don't know.  Too much for me anyhow and I don't think anyone (of 22 runners!) would have enjoyed it much if at all.

5km in 37:35
TE 2.0 ~~  Maintaining!

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