Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bowral Parkrun #43 ~~~~

I loathe getting up when it's still dark but I did, reluctantly!  Not so cold this morning but the wind was something else, blowing across the open paddocks, on the left going out and then on the right coming back to the start.

Parkrun #43:

I did 20 min warm-up, few strides ... and thought this is my day for a PB;  I've done everything right this time: pasta last night; good sleep; coffee & banana, warm-up, strides etc... and I'm again disappointed!

I got so out of breath....again!  I had to stop a couple of times... again! I really don't know what's wrong with me! I'm finding it so hard!  I'm very cross with myself and disappointed with my run this morning.

5km on alternate course

5:0km in 35:27

7:02;  7:07;  7:12;  7:04;  6:57

TE 2.1 ... Maintaining!  The only good news!  That, and 35 minutes today is better than 37 minutes last Saturday but still 2 minutes  slower than my PB 33:43.

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