Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tempo Run ~~~ Bowral Parkrun cycle path ~~~~~

Cold, windy and bleak describes what it was like this morning on Parkrun cycle path. Nevertheless, I write a report on the course for the coming weekend at parkrun so that everyone knows where to go on Saturday: the initial course or the alternate course depending on the water and mud present!

Tempo Run:
1.5km easy
8.0km @ MT pace (7:20m/k at the moment based on 35min 5km time)
1.5km easy.

Out and Back Course

8km in exactly 1 hour!
HR 71-77% of max.
7:30;  7:21,  7:22;  7:48;  7:41;  7:33;  7:33;  7:44
TE 1.8 =  MINOR!!

Total 11km.

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