Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tempo Run ~~~~~

It was blowing a freezing wind on Bowral parkrun course this morning and, even with a thermal top and a woolly pullover, I was still cold. I ran poorly too; can't workout what's wrong lately; getting slower and slower and has nothing at all to do with age, so no one need tell me it is, thank you! This morning I had VP running a 7:00m/k and I finished way behind.  I suppose I can only keep on doing what I'm doing and hope for improvement when the weather changes.

Program:  Tempo Run
1.5km easy
7:00km @ 7:00m/k
1.5km easy.

7:00km in 56 minutes
7:23;  7:50;  8:19;  8:01;  8:14;  8:09;  7:56

I ran on the alternate Bowral parkrun course and had to splash through a large ankle deep freezing puddle and then on the return came face to face with 7 large black cows on the path.  We all pretended we couldn't see each other!

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