Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tempo Run ~~~~~

Bowral parkrun alternate course.

Tempo Run
1.5km easy
3.0km @ MT pace (7:20m/k)
1.5km easy
3.0km @ MT pace
1.5km easy

3:0km in 21:07 (7:08;   7:10;   6:48) TE 1.5 = Minor
3:0km in 20:53 (7:06;   6:56;   6:50) TE 1.7 = Minor ...again!

No one out on the course this morning at all while I was there.  Started at our parkrun alternate course at Cecil Hoskins Reserve and was able to run out as far as the large puddle on the stretch leading to the old turnaround point.  Waved to the boggy hill each time I passed!  Did better today than last Thursday.

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