Thursday, July 02, 2015

Tempo Run on Bowral Parkrun Course ~~~~~

I nearly froze to death! Thermal top, beanie, gloves, woolly jacket, long tights did little to keep out the bitterly cold wind this morning ... and that was at 10:00am!  I wanted to check out the initial Bowral Parkrun course to see if it would be fit to run this Saturday, but the grassy hill was still muddy in patches and what I'd call a small lake was blocking the cycle path.  Undaunted, (or demented), I tried to warm-up (1.5km) from Briars to the start of the cycle path under the Moss Vale Bridge; run cycle path from start to finish and splash through "lake"; detour at end of path up Sullivan Street; back on path, splash through "lake" again, back to start of cycle path; cool-down (1.5km) back to Briars Inn.

It was a bitterly cold, windy morning ... almost blew me off course in places!

10 of 13km

Freezing water in this 'lake' came up over the top of my shoes!

Tempo Run
1.5k warm-up
10km @ 7:40m/k ...based on 36min 5km
1.5km cool-down.

10km in 1 hr 18 min.
Avg. pace 7:57m/k
HR 71-79% of Max.
TE 2.1 'Maintaining' ....Just!!

Total :13km

Knowing how cold and windy it was going to be, I had a choice of cutting the distance short and running faster (hmmm!) OR doing the distance and running at a slower pace.  It's obvious I chose the latter!

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