Sunday, July 19, 2015

Long Run ~~~~~ and Podcast!

I had Leah for company this morning which was a good thing for both of us since we'd planned a longer run than what we've been doing up till now on Sundays.  Started at the Highlands School where I arrived early to let the chooks and goats out first!

Diamond Fields Road gave us a perfectly beautiful stretch of quiet country road.  To get the extra distance in we took a couple of side roads: Buckmans Lane and another leading to the Diamond Creek Estate winery. Lots of hills, muddy in parts from melting snow but always a lovely, quiet and scenic run.

The morning was just right too: light, misty rain kept us cool, keen ... and enthusiastic!

Long Run today : 17km .... didn't bother about pace or time; aim was to increase distance now, leading up to ACTVAC Half Marathon in August and then..... Blackmores Half Marathon as part of the Sydney Running Festival in September.

A week or so back, I was contacted by 2 runners from Sean Williams' group (Dean Degan and Andy Reid) to do a podcast for radio called "Run With Sole ... Everyday Hero."  I was tickled pink to be asked especially after hearing the title of the program!  I was also surprised and a little amused, but still secretly pleased, that anyone would be interested in what running I do at age 85!  I did the podcast this afternoon.

Seems like some good listening to be had from these people ...

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