Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bowral Parkrun #54 for me! ~~~~

Just so warm this morning, hardly a trace of autumn in the air and certainly no sign of winer! This was the first time I've run the course (except for last Thursday) since my hamstring injury on March 12, keeping as even a pace as I could do comfortably and without worrying the hamstring.  All good, no niggle; jogged from start to finish.

Bowral Parkrun 5km
36:20  (PB 33)
7:18m/k avg.
Avg. cadence 168spm
Splits: 6:57;  7:06;  7:14;  7:09;  7:53

TE...  4.4..... Highly Improving! 
Age graded 88.35%

Pleased with run and time all things considered. Felt fine. Coffee after to finish a good morning!

Made it!


  1. Fantastic! Well done. That TE is almost off the charts! Keep doing what you're doing - it's working!

  2. Thanks, Ewen! Yes, it's working but slowly & carefully!