Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bowral Parkrun Course ~~~~

Drove across to our parkrun course this morning to re-acquaint myself with the course before Saturday.  A fierce wind all the way downhill, somewhat sheltered on the cycle path and finally blown back up the hill to finish 5km!

Distance Run 30 minutes @ 8:00m/k

Bowral Parkrun 5km

5km in 40:32
Avg. 8:02m/k
Avg. Cadence 163spm
HR 82-90% of Max.
TE    3.9!!  Improving!!  WooHoo!!

Apart from the dreadful windy conditions and being slow, this run was ok; no hammie problems at all.  I'm still amazed by how well I've recovered from major hamstring injuries, especially having been told by the first physio that I'd never run again!  Baloney!!


  1. Baloney indeed! And look at that TE!

  2. Yes, I couldn't stop looking! HeeHee!!