Saturday, May 07, 2016

Bowral Parkrun ~~~~~

I felt awful during this morning's parkrun!  Practically no sleep previous night ...just couldn't go off.  Pain in the gut while driving across to Briars necessitated a late trip to the loo and as soon as I reached the cycle path it was just about all over.  Mostly walking with some light jogging, and as I walked back up the hill that dreadful dry retching started!  Haven't had that in months; a sure sign of pushing too hard on a day when I lacked fitness.  Finished sick, drove home sick,  let the school chooks out sick, at home showered sick, went to bed sick, slept for 3 hours and felt much better!

Last Saturday, my time with no walk breaks was 40:54... way off my Pb of 33:? but okay with that while hamstring injury continues to improve and no proper training.  I was surprised, then, to see on today's results page, my time was 40:59.  That lifted my spirits a whole lot!  Things weren't as bad as I thought and felt at the time.

I intend to try a return to my program in the coming week:  Pete Magill 12 week program which includes 4 days running but I'll start with three only and see how it goes.

Bowral Parkrun (my #53) in 40:59


  1. The value of good sleep! Good result considering how bad you were feeling. 3 days of running sounds like a good idea.

  2. Oh no you poor thing. It's awful when you feel sick but very brave indeed to run when you felt that way. Take it easy and recover fully with lots more sleep before you run again. xx

    1. Thanks Ruth wise Ewen says ; the value of sleep!