Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bowral Parkrun ~~~~~

Parkrun # 55 fo me and the rain held off nicely, unlike the forecast that predicted early constant rain.  I was surprised that I ran about20 seconds SLOWER than last Saturday, especially after running the whole distance this morning, whereas I walked a couple of times last week.  I even felt I was running better this morning, so a little disappointed that I didn't break 36 minutes.  However, the hammie was good, enjoyed the run and conditions and, more after!

5km in 36:48
7:02;  7:10;  7:15;  7:18;  7:53  the uphill!
Age Graded 87.23%
TE 4.2.....Highly improving!

Hard going uphill!


  1. Good run and splits. And that TE is amazing! Won't be long before you're in the 35s and better!

    1. Hope so, Ewen! I wanted to break 36min this morning. Will try again next Saturday... has to happen!