Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It's Called HIIT! ~~~~~

.......and that stands for 'High Intensity Interval Training' in the Pete Magill program that I'm using now.

8 x 60 seconds @ 5km effort.
70 seconds RI jogging.

I drove across to Chev College track so as to run on the softer grass surface and found the lanes had been newly marked in preparation for athletics.  That wasn't important today because the program is based on 'time on feet' not distance.  Nevertheless, it was a nice change to follow the lanes instead of the field boundary.

60 sec repeats at Chev. track

10 min warm-up + couple drills with strides (Magill again!)
8 x 60 seconds   (70 seconds jog between each rep.)
All around 6:00m/k.

Rain held off;  all repeats short & therefore felt good!


  1. Good! Hope the rain holds off for Saturday - don't want any hamstring issues on that wet grass!

  2. This morning there was a thick fog over Bowral and most of the course! Agree, the wet grass is dangerous.