Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Road/Trail Repeats ...at Chev. Track ~~~~~

I used Chev. track instead of road so as to run on the softer grass surface.  Very windy but happy to say that left leg hamstring behaved and gave no trouble at all.  Still being cautious, but it seems the more I use the leg the better it feels.  Strength exercises etc still ongoing.

6 x 2 minutes @ 5km effort
3 min RI

10 min warm-up walk/jog
Avg. pace:  6:36;   7:04;   6:56;   7:08;   7:04;   7:09
Cool-down. Stretches.

 I was satisfied with results, even if it's just because my leg felt good and I was able to do a faster session for the first time since March 12.


  1. That's great news! Sticking to flat surfaces would be kind for the hammy too.

  2. Right, Ewen! Flat and soft, and I think/hope I'm past the worst.