Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Restarting 'Proper' Training! ~~~~~

First day of what I call 'proper' running since March 12 when I tore 1.5 hamstring muscles off the tailbone of my left leg!  Ouch!!  I went back to the start of the 12 week Program (one of Pete Magill's) that I had been about half way through.  The session was easy and there was narry a squeak from the injury!

Today:  5km Road & Trail Repeats ......  in other words a track session on road or trail.

10 min warm-up walk/jog
8 x 1 minute @ 5km effort...... Time & number of reps increases and varies over 10 weeks.
2 min RI Jog... I walked!
10 min cool-down.
TE  (training effect)  1.1 =  MINOR!  That's okay for now!

A fairly easy session with which to start up again! 
..... away from the wind and the world!

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