Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Track at Chev. and Amy's Pool! ~~~~~

Amy's Pool!

Amy's pool is located outside the back door, so I see it as I come from the garage to the house.  This morning, returning from Chev. I looked at it, as I usually do, and saw a poor little beetle swimming frantically to reach a leaf.  Mesmerized, I watched as it swam and swam in an effort not to drown and reach dry land!  After a magnificent crossing of the pool and the leaf right in front, the tiny beetle made a last valiant struggle and climbed aboard the leaf!  Relief, but now what would happen?  Endless pool crossings clinging to a leaf?  Attacks from other critters? Starvation?  This was all too much for me so, suddenly aroused from my reverie back to reality, I quickly bent down and gently lifted the leaf with beetle still on board onto dry land!  Deep sigh of relief and pleased with my good deed, I felt I'd done something really worthwhile as the beetle, without so much as a glance back, scampered off to do whatever it is beetles do for the rest of the day!

On the other hand.......My Track Session at Chevalier College!

The Program :
10-20 min warm-up
5x800m (5:32) based on 37 min 5km time. 
400m RI

Warm-up was a light jog followed by set of Magill drills with strides between each.
5x800m :    5:29;    5:36;    5:39;    5:43;    5:38
400m RI walk between each.
Short cool-down + stretches.

I don't like 800m repeats!

 Despite the pleasant conditions, I really don't like 800's!  They're hard work!  I was intending to finish after the 4th repeat and only continued with the 5th because my Garmin 620 showed I had a new VO2Max of 37 and .......predicted a new 5km time of 27:50!!  It also showed I needed a recovery time of 7hours!

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