Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tempo Run

I can't begin to guess why the Garmin 620 gives me a predicted 5km race time of 27 minutes when I'm puffing and blowing to finish this morning in 38 minutes!What it doesn't say is how many years of training this would take!

Tempo Run :
1.5km warm-up
3.5km @ ST pace (7:23m/k based on 36 min for 5km)
1.5km cool-down.

Overcast with a very light rain; good for running.  Course included 3 good hills!

Time : 38:13
7:35;  7:27;  7:57;  7:50;  7:21
AHR 80%;  MHR 90%
TE  2.8  (a little more than half way between 'Maintaining' and 'Improving'!!)

5 of 8km

TODAY  :   8km

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