Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Short Hill Repeats ~~~~

I had a look at Pete Magill's short hill repeats....all in the hope of tackling the hill at Parkrun each Saturday!  This coming Saturday I'm on the volunteer roster, so I have an extra week before running it again.  I used do  Magill hills and drills regularly, haven't in ages, enjoy them.

Magill Short Hills :

8 - 10 times, fairly steep, 40-80m, just under 'all out' effort, walk down, walk around for 2-3 minutes and start all over again!

Down from the school where I'd been for an hour : on BongBongRoad I chose a section that was steep enough for me, and did the full 10 repeats over a distance of about 50m.  On one or two of the 3 days I help out with one of the children at the Highlands School, after I finish is an opportunity to do some training on either drills or hills......if I feel up to it!

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