Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Distance Run ~~~~~

This week's program seems to be mostly running with no track and just one tempo session.  OK with that, but running in such cold, windy weather for me is twice as hard as on a better day.  Home and totally exhausted; surprised I felt so "done in" for the rest of today, especially unexpected after a good night's sleep and not covering much distance. So very tired and stiff.   Has to be the very cold weather!

Distnce Run:
50 - 75 minutes. Through Renwick and surrounds.

I did 75 min.... 9km
Avg. pace 8:30m/k
TE  Improving!

75 minutes run.


  1. That's a long run! You've got the distance of Blackmores covered already :)

  2. Yes, I know, Ewen, but I was so tired after it, I had to take rest day today.