Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Track on Road ~~~~

I knew there was no use driving to Chev track this morning; it would have been well and truly under water.  Instead I drove and left the car in Renwick and then walked to where I knew I had a sheltered stretch of road on Scarlet Street.  Here I measured a flat 200m and used that for repeats.

200m track!

2km warm-up jog/walk from car to Scarlet Street.
12 - 16 x 200m @ 1500m effort .... for me, based on recent 5km time of 36min, 1:18 each rep.
RI 1-2min...I did slow jog back to start.
2km walk cool-down back to car.

12x200m ~~~~~  1.19; 1.14; 1.13; 1.10;1;08; 1;08; 1.08; 1.08; 1.07; 1.08; 1,08; 1.07.

12 of 16 repeats were enough!

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