Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Track Session ~~~~

Chev. College track where the lines from the athletics carnival are still visible ... barely!  Cold and windy in spite of the sunny morning. All track is hard!

Warm-up + few drills etc
12 x 400m in 2:53 (7:10m/k) ... based on 36min for 5km
400m RI
Cool-down + few stretches.

I did 6 of the 12 repeats and that was enough!  Breathing difficult in cold weather and I have 3 consecutive days of running ahead before Saturday's parkrun.  Hamstring OK but that leg still aches (like toothache!) after every run!  Being careful ... I hope!

400m.. Chevalier College track.

2:46;   2:44;   2:47;   2:45;   2:44;   2:42

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