Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bowral Parkrun ~~~ My 58th ~~~~~

BROKE THE 36 MINUTE BARRIER ....first time since returning to running after hamstring injuries.  VP set to finish in 35:55!  Rain held off and conditions were ideal for an attack on 36 minutes!

Made it in  35:49!

AHR 88-96%

TE  3.9..... Improving!  Nearly got to 'Highly Improving' at 4.0.

Splits :     7:04;     7:10;     7:12;     7:07;     7:10

First run in weeks that I felt so good the entire distance, not that it was easy but not the struggle it has been lately.  Must be the 3 days training including the hill repeats I did yesterday!


  1. Well done! That last k split is exceedingly fast - shows more improvement to come - perhaps a 4.0 TE?

  2. Thanks, Ewen! Yes, 4.0 is the next goal.