Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bowral Parkrun ~~~~ 57 for me!

I forgot to update my blog with Thursday's tempo run and, going by this morning's disappointing parkrun, I might just as well have stayed in bed!

Thursday's tempo run:
2 x 10 minutes (7:27m/k based on my 36 min 5k time for now): Avg Paces 8:09 & 7:27 m/k
3 min jog RI
2k warm-up & 2km cool-down ...this was OK!

I did the tempo run on our Bowral Parkrun  course so as to provide an update on the flooded cycle path ... it was still flooded in a few sections then, and as it was this morning for parkrun, but only 1 section ankle deep with the others drying out.  Grassy hill had a few muddy patches as well, so wet shoes and socks from the start.

Today's Parkrun .... felt slow...was slow!  In fact slowest time since returning to running after hamstring injuries! 

5km in 38:30.... age graded 83.38%
Avg pace 7:43m/k
7:30;  7:30; 7:39;  7:39;  8:09

TE 3.6...Improving!?

Hoping for better next week!
Finishing on an 'off' day!


  1. We all have off days! Perhaps an easy run and a few strides on the Friday this week?

  2. Yes, I'll certainly try that, Ewen. Thanks!