Saturday, June 25, 2016

My 59th Bowral Parkrun ~~~~~

To avoid a flooded section on the cycle path, our RD, Barry, set out an alternative course in the shape of a 'T'.  I liked it, not so much to avoid the water and wet feet, but more because after the 2nd turnaround, it felt much quicker getting back to the start!

My 59th Bowral Parkrun:
35:40 ...9 secs better than last week!
Avg. pace 7:16m/k
Avg. Cadence 170spm
AHR 86-97% of max.

TE ~~~~~  3.7 .....Improving!

Age Graded 90.00%

7:01;   7:07;   7:14;   7:07;   7:11

Course 'C'


  1. That looks like a better course! Well done and a good TE. Saw the 35-minute time in the results and thought you'd had a good run.

  2. Yes, Ewen, I'm hoping we can keep using this course; everyone liked it. I'll have to keep telling the RD that the big puddle is still blocking the path!