Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Good Week Finished

By 'good' I simply mean that I did all 3 important sessions : track, tempo run and long run and did them pretty much as per my 5km program said to do them!  Parkrun was the icing on the cake and where I can guage if/when I'm starting to improve.

I've had no internet all weekend, unable to charge the Garmin, no stats of either parkrun yesterday or long run today and it's a real pain having to rely on my mobile.  I keep pressing all the wrong get keys!  So briefly....

Bowral parkrun 41:20 (81.17%) an improvement on  42 minutes last run.

Today's long run:  8km from school  Diamond Fields Road, Buckmans Lane and back.  To add some variety I ran some short sprints up hills and strides on the flat. Lovely morning, sunny, some clouds and a pleasant breeze.

Hoping for another good week ahead....with internet connection!

1 comment:

  1. Typing on a mobile sucks! Well done on the parkrun improvement. You were a little behind young Anne on times, but she was 67%.