Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Track Repeats on Road ~~~~~

Scarlett Street instead of Chev track; I thought 1km repeats would feel better/easier on the road and I think they did although, as seen in results, it's a wee bit easier/quicker on alternate directions. I was satisfied with my times, especially the 2 faster repeats!  Not too difficult at all.  Almost finished when the clouds burst and dumped a veritable deluge of water on me!

warm-up  ... did 1.5km
4x1000m with VP @ 7:45m/k (still basing paces on a 40 minute 5km finish at parkrun)
cool-down ... I did 1km walking.


1000m :  7:55... 79-87% of MHR ...  TE 1.8 Minor

1000m  : 7:25... 78-87% of MHR ... TE  1.8

1000m :  7:59... 81-90% of MHR ... TE  1.9

1000m :  7:32 ... 82-94% of MHR ... TE  2.1 Maintaining!

1km cool-down walking.

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