Thursday, March 02, 2017

I Met a Pony Trotting Uphill as I Was Jogging Downhill!

This little beauty was on our parkrun grassy hill this morning! Bowral parkrun would be pleased to know it was held on a short lead too!

A sauna on the cycle path!  Not an enjoyable run at all; far too many stops to catch my breath; each kilometre slower than the one before it.  I started at the top of the hill for a warm-up, then out along the cycle path for 3km, turn back and included staggering up the hill to finish a miserably slow 6km! 

1.5km warm-up

AHR 107bpm;  MHR 120bpm
74% - 83% of MHR 
TE  2.1  Maintaining
7:57;  822;  823;  834;  8:27;  9:42!

Cool-down?  Not really! 500m walk up the grassy hill!

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