Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Whatever Happened to Heart Rate? And Road Repeats ~~~~~

It went from the sublime to the ridiculous this morning! Heart rate ranging from 103% to 127% of MHR!  I should be dead!  Maybe I am and don't know it yet!  No!  Everything around me is as usual when training lately:  rain never far away!

Warm-up ... I did 15 mins.
6 x 800m  in 6:01 ...  I did 3!
90 sec RI ... I took more!
Cool down ...  didn't happen; it rained!

1. 6:24  .... TE 2.0 Maintaining
2. 6:18  .... TE 1.8 Minor
3. 6:07  .... TE 2.0 Maintaining

I struggled big time this morning and called it quits after 3 repeats.  Gasping for breath up and down Scarlett Street instead of going to Chev track which would certainly have been under water by now and, feeling as sapped as I did, where I might easily have disappeared forever into the swamp!


  1. the high humidity wouldn't have helped...

  2. You're right there! Goodness it's been ages! Hope all's well, allriunder