Thursday, March 30, 2017

Track Repeats...Not on Track! ~~~~~

It was raining very lightly to start with but ploppy drops soon followed!  The oval at Chev. was wet, the grass was long, the lanes had gone and, with nothing else to guide me, I had to use the narrow strip and markings for the football field as a lane in which to run!  I should add: and in which to fall over!  My right foot went down a hole that was meant for a pole, not a foot!  However, the landing was soft on the wet, muddy grass and the take off was smooth!

I did 2 of the 4 repeats, by which time the rain was becoming heavier, the drops were more than ploppy and, deciding factor, I had little chance of getting ahead of VP so called it quits.  Driving home, I could barely see ahead more than a couple of hundred metres as a thick fog settled on the entire area.  I couldn't help but notice on either sides of the road how the tall gum trees became ghost-grey in the mist.  Spooky-grey!

Program:  10 min warm-up ....  with Garmin, I jogged 1200m to measure distance for repeats.
Couple drills and strides.

2 x 1200m (9:21)
400m RI

9:22..  TE 2.3 Maintaining
9:27..  TE 2.4 Maintaining

Stretches when I was at home.

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