Thursday, March 09, 2017

Tempo Run ~~~~ and a good one for a change!

"Good" just means I kept the pace I was supposed to! VP running at 8:10m/k for the ST 1.5km sections; me just ahead of him!

Very pleasant running on Bowral parkrun cycle path; 2 detours into nearby streets, past Oxley College and back onto the cycle path to finish at the top of the grassy hill!

1.5km easy
1.5k @ ST pace (8:10m/k based on  40 min finish for 5k)
1.5k easy
1.5k @ ST pace
1.5k easy
1.5k @ ST pace
1.5k easy

Total 10.5km

500m splits @ ST pace
3:52;   3:58;   4:34
4:01;   4:08;   4:04
3:56;   3:52;   4:01

AHR 104bpm;   MHR 122bpm
72%  -  85% of MHR

TE   2.0  Maintaining!  What?  It's Improving! 


  1. Good one. You're always getting into a blue with TE (almost as much as VP!). I wonder why TE is so mean?!

  2. I suppose TE thinks I might get a swelled head!