Sunday, March 26, 2017

Too Darned Tired! ~~~~~ and What I'm Doing About It!

Too tired to do my long run, darnation, but a lovely morning for sitting in the sun!  Some changes in the coming week as to when I do track and tempo sessions; just swapping them around to see if I'm any less tired for Saturday's parkrun than I've been in recent weeks.  So sluggish and slow lately that I've thought of giving it a break for a while.

Instead, my good friend, Ewen, has suggested changing the harder tempo run on Thursday to Tuesday and doing the shorter track intervals on Thursday, just switching them around in the hope that I'll recover better and faster for parkrun.  Makes sense!  How come I didn't think of that?  Too rigidly devoted to following a program?  Just shoot me, that's me, for sure!

Another of Ewen's suggestions, which, strangely, I had been considering overnight as well, searching for any answers to my downward spiral, was getting up earlier on Saturday so as to be more (about to type 'fully'!) awake for parkrun.  I'm going to try this because I'm neither an early morning runner nor racer!   Not an early morning person for anything really.  I'm still half asleep when it's time to run on Saturdays!  This means instead of setting the alarm for 6:30am this coming Saturday, it'll be 5:30!!!  WHAT?  Hot diggity dog!  It'll be darker than dark!  Colder than cold!  Oh, lordy! Can I rise to the occasion?  I hope so; I truly mean to! 


  1. That will be an early wake up but getting time to wake up and possibly have a little something to eat (watermelon or such) prior to running may also help you get going :)

  2. Thank you for your comment above, CRS! It'll be a challenge the likes of which have never before been seen! I always have half a banana with peanut butter before parkrun. Stay tuned!