Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bowral Parkrun ~~~~~

I don't know why I run better during the week and then badly at parkrun!  Not sure why I struggle to breath, struggle to keep running, struggle everything!  Makes parkrun less enjoyable than it used be and the large bog of water and mud that has to be crossed before finishing, does nothing for my morale!

However .....

Avg. pace 8:06m/k

82.94% age graded

AHR 122bpm;   MHR 132bpm
91% to 99% of MHR

TE 2.5  Maintaining

And so .....

Onwards to next week!


  1. You are a Star Norma!!!! Maybe, like me, the definite time in the (early) morning doesn't suit you! Hope to join you in Bowral soon!

  2. I think You're right, Carolyne! So looking forward to a long overdue catch up!

  3. I'm not an early morning racer either! For me what helps a little (when I'm serious enough to do it) is to get up much earlier - 5.30am or so, then I'm fully awake by parkrun time. Another thing, maybe Thursday's tempo day was a little hard? Perhaps dial back the goal times on that day OR swap shorter intervals to the Thursday (which are easier to recover from) and do the tempo/long intervals earlier in the week.

  4. So pleased to get your comment, Ewen! It's come just in time because, as it turns out, I'm too tired this morning to do my long run & have been wondering what I need to do especially about parkrun which I'd even been thinking of giving up on. Funnily enough, just this morning I'd thought of getting up earlier ... if, like you, I can bring myself to do it! I feel so sluggish and still sleepy when it's time for parkrun, so I really will try it next Saturday! Yes, about the tempo run too! I'm finding I'm just too tired lately by the time Saturday comes around. This morning I was going to Google something to the effect of "5km getting slower; tired; what can I do?" and then your message arrives! Proof that great minds think alike! I'll let you know how the week goes. Thanks!

  5. How is it you always know when I need help?

  6. The other thing to check is Ferritin levels - perhaps you're a little low. Need to be in the 'normal range' for that. Check that with your doc and ask about a liquid iron supplement if they are low.

    I need 2 days off or maybe a couple of kms with 5 x strides to feel totally fresh for a race. Obviously not something you can do every week! But you could keep the short intervals/strides Thursday fairly low on total mileage (5k or so) and Friday off or just light drills and strides as a regular pattern.
    On parkrun day, get there early enough (at least 7.30) to do a 10 min jog up on the flat carpark area, 3 or 4 strides, then enough time 10 mins or so to rest up and have your HR come right down before the start.