Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tempo Run ~ Bowral Parkrun Course ~~~

A cloudy, pleasantly cool morning with light mist covering the distant hills on Bowral parkrun cycle path.  Normally, Tuesday would be a track session but the change around started this morning with a tempo run instead.  I always seem to be looking for excuses -  other than the obvious! -  as to why any particular run didn't go as I would have wished!

I had Sunday and Monday off because I was so terribly tired after Saturday's parkrun, and so those two days of doing nothing can take the blame for this morning's run not being as comfortable as I would have expected after so much rest.  There!  How easy is it to find excuses?  Took no time at all!

1.5km warm-up .....  I did this jogging down the grassy hill & onto the cycle path.
5km @ ST Pace ..... i.e. 8:10m/k based on a 40 min 5k time
Cool down .. none!  Some stretches instead!

5km in 41:47
Avg. Pace 8:22m/km
AHR 110bpm;  MHR  139bpm
82% to 104%(?) of max.

TE  1.9  ..  Minor!  To the devil with that!

Splits:  8:01;   8:36;   8:10;   7:58;   9:01 ... VP got me, as he always does (humph, hummph, humph!) running up the grassy hill to finish!

That's it till track on Thursday.  "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!"

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