Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Chev. Track ~~~~~

Partly cloudy and cool; 400m lane just visible.  I think this narrow strip marks the boundary for cricket if I remember correctly, so I expect it will disappear altogether shortly. For now, it does very nicely as a 400m lane.

1600m (12:36);     1200m (9:21);     800m (6:10);    400m (3:03)
Times/paces based on 40min 5km finish.

15 min warm-up

My Results::  12:26;    9:17;    6:10;    2:59

78-88% of max. TE 2.0;  77-85% of max.  TE 1.8;  77-86% of max. TE 1.5;  77-85% of max. TE 1.3

Short cool-down & Stretches.

Surprised and pleased to stay just ahead of VP, who was set to run at the times above in blue, for all 4 repeats!  It wasn't easy by any means but I always enjoy a track session when ahead of VP.  I think that's because it gives me a real sense of satisfaction at having won!


  1. Very good session! Poor VP - you didn't let him win even one! I like the yellow track around the oval - really stands out.

  2. Yes, the yellow is great but I like how they change the colour each week!