Sunday, March 19, 2017

"Simon's Cat April Showers" ... change that to March!


I missed parkrun yesterday, not because of the awful weather conditions, but simply because I was too exhausted!  Exhausted after having run all my running sessions over the past fortnight in rain, rain and more rain!  Enough to tire the fittest!  Had the weather been fine I still could not have run, so I know how Simon's cat feels!  Rested all day yesterday except for taking 'Amy' for her walk through the paddocks while I fed cows, goats and chooks.  Still tired today and I got exactly what I expected this morning: rain, rain, rain!

This morning was no exception to the weather of late: rain showers all the way out and back from the Highlands School.  The dirt road was a quagmire in several sections and wading through ankle deep water on slippery mud was - I was about to say 'fun' - more like comic drama!  A combination of walking, jogging, jumping, wading, slipping and sliding just to finish 8km!

Les Miserables!

AHR 96bpm;  MHR 121bpm
67% to 84% of Max.

TE  1.4  =  Minor!  WHAT?  I'm changing that to "MAJOR'!



  1. What do you have your maximum HR set to on the Garmin? Looking at the last Parkrun, where you would have been running at maximum effort near the finish, about 131 there? Maybe reset maximum HR to 134 until/if you see anything over 131 on the Garmin. That should improve TE results.

  2. Yes, thanks Ewen! I remember you pointing this out to me once before and it worked.