Tuesday, February 21, 2017

This is beyond me!

Not having an Internet connection is full of woe and looks like continuing till I don't know when! By which time I'll be driven insane having to use my phone, not being able to use my Garmin and the zillion other things for which I need internet connection.

Seems my router is at fault having been outdated by changes made by Telstra, and of course, without letting me know. So tomorrow I'm forced to go to the local Telstra shop which is like going straight to hell!  I dread that shop having never had anything but awful experiences on the couple of times I've been there.  More on that tomorrow!

Today I did my track session at Chev College having found an app (Nike) that could time me over certain distances. I doubt its accuracy though. My times were much faster than either I or VP would have expected! Anyhow  I'll take them for now!

PROGRAM  400m/3:03; 600m/4:37;  800m/6:10, 800m;  600m,  400m

MY TIMES:  2:53;  4:07;  5:20;  5:19;  3:46;  2:37

Can't stand typing with mobile. FINISHED!

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