Thursday, February 02, 2017

Tempo Run 3km of Continuous 6km ~~~~~

Bowral Parkrun course; breezy morning along the cycle path; grass recently mowed and stacked in bales all over the place!

I had VP set for 8:10m/k for the middle 3km and this is based on my recent most embarrassing time of 40 minutes for 5km finish!  The first and last 1.5km were a warm-up and cool down respectively and showing 6km continuous with 500m splits on Garmin Forerunner 620.

1.5km warm-up down hill and cycle path

3km in 25:04
Avg. Pace 8:01m/k ..just ahead of VP all the time!
AHR 128bpm;  89% of max.

500m splits :    4:00;    4:00;    4:06;    4:08;    3:51;    3:51 .... not bad!

TE   2.5  Maintaining!!  About time!

1.5km cool down on cycle path and up hill

This was OK, comfortably hard (if there's such a thing!) for the middle 3km, especially as it's  a while now since I did anything vaguely resembling a decent workout!  Finished feeling satisfied with my effort!

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  1. Nice going. Sounds like VP was very frustrated! Have a good run tomorrow - hopefully it won't be too warm.