Saturday, February 25, 2017

Getting it Together ~~~~~ Bowral Parkrun 5km & my 76th run!

Bit by bit!  Inch by inch!  Clawing my way back!  Two Saturdays ago: 42 minutes; last Saturday, 41 minutes and this morning...(drum roll!!!!) 40 minutes!!  So happy, anyone would think I'd run faster than a speeding bullet!  It's now 1:30pm, I've taken Amy for a long walk the day being so almost cold, and I'm still basking in the glow of improving my time this morning!  I wonder how many other runners get this feeling that lasts all day and, in my case, threatens to sabotage my afternoon nap?

Garmin Time 40:10
Official 40:25 ...I'll take the Garmin!!

Avg. Pace 8:07 (VP set at 8:00m/k)

AHR 118bpm;  MHR 126bpm
82% to 88% of max.

7:38;   7:45;   8:06;  8:11;   8:29

TE 2.6  Maintaining!

It only takes just that little bit of improvement for me to look forward to more training in the week ahead!


  1. Excellent! Nice trajectory of improvement there - heading for 39:XX soon!