Thursday, February 23, 2017

I Have Internet Connection! ~~~~~

No thanks to Telstra!  I waited 2 hours in the local Telstra shop yesterday!  At the end of that time I sat down with one of the assistants - and I use that term loosely - and explained that I had no connection with the Netgear modem I was using and, to kill two birds with the one stone - and I use that even more loosely - I wanted to switch to NBN right there, instead of getting a new modem now and another when switching to NBN in the future, having first checked at home that NBN was definitely available now at my address.

Sounds easy?  A straightforward request, researched at home first?  I thought so!  Silly me, foolish wisdom! I'd overlooked that this was Telstra I was dealing with!  Oh no, no deal; NBN not available at my address at all; should have been in December last year; no idea when; suggest you call Telstra and see if they'll send out a new modem for which you'll have to pay, of course.  I DO NOT LIE when I say I was in that chair for no longer than ONE MINUTE and out the door!  What really got my knickers in a knot though was the fact that I'd already, the previous day, spent hours on the phone talking to someone, somewhere in Asia I'm guessing, whose high pitched accent sounded like the hysterical screams of someone being strangled!  Seriously funny, except for the fact that not a word could I make sense of anything he said and so that's why I headed off to the Telstra shop where I could hopefully understand the lingo;  waited 2 hours and much good  it did me! A tragic comedy if ever there was one!

Not to be outdone and demoralised by these Telstra cretins, I went across to Big W and invested the sum of $14:50 (yes, that's 14 AUD dollars and 50 AUD cents!)in a Huawei E3372 LTE US Stick and it is this nitty gritty little thingy that now has me up...up... and away, connected to the world again, back in blogger land and ready to account for today's run!  And what a pretty mess that turned out to be!  Can't blame Telstra (but would if I could!)  My fault; out far too late; already stinking hot!

Tempo Run at MT pace (for me that is 8:20m/k)

1.5km warm up .....I did this on our parkrun grassy hill; 500m down hill, 500m up; 500m down hill!

6km on cycle path .....nearly died with the heat; late start; walk breaks in any shade I could find beneath trees; wonder I didn't finish up in hospital again!

500m cool-down, uphill!

AHR 114bpm; MHR 149bpm
79% - 103% of max. (?)
AVG pace 8:49m/k

1km splits:  8:03m/k;   8:23m/k;  8:55m/k;   8:23m/k;   9:11m/k;   9:53m/k

In spite of all that....TE  2.4  Maintaining!!

Made it back to Briars!


  1. Wow! What a story! At least you're back online now. Hope I don't have such trouble when the NBN finally arrives here in a few years.

  2. Well, I'm thinking of going with another provider, Ewen; couldn't be as hopeless as this Telstra crowd!