Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Satisfying, Steady Run........

........with the occasional hill or two.

Program: 5-8km at a 'medium pace'.

The best running weather today : mostly overcast, some sun, cool & no wind - Perfik!

Out & back, total of 8.4km mostly on Diamond fields Road.

Avg. HR 75% of MHR; Max. 89% of MHR.

The surprise about this run was to find it so much easier than at other times, especially following yesterday's track session, after which I'm usually feeling a bit stiff in the legs, etc.... But not today - it was far more effortless than, I liked it a lot!

Hoping for similar conditions for Sunday's Fisher's Ghost 10km!


  1. Beautiful photos LL. That looks like a stunning place to run.

  2. You really know how to tease a guy LL - those pics look delightful ;-)

  3. Let's hope for a repeat performance on Sunday. All the best LL


  4. As much as I love my Bay run LL, I really miss running on roads like that.

    I send you big hugs for Sunday, I know you will do really well ;)


  5. I love runs like that too and what a fabulous place to run.

    Good luck with your run on Sunday.