Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Get On With It.....

.....and I was able to get on with it at Chev track, now that there are 6 lanes marked & that's 6 more than when I was there last.

Program: Usual warm-up, drills, strides.

3 Sets of 4 x 150m in 43-44 seconds with 2:00 minutes recovery between repeats; more between sets.

I had to pace out a distance of 150m, but difficult to do with Mr G-armin who doesn't seem to like going round in circles! I got a slightly different distance several times going backwards & forwards over the same section - so, completely accurate it is NOT! Hot it was - 32 degrees; strong breeze for a headwind.

Set 1. 43.9; 42.0; 41.7; 41.5

Set 2. 42.7; 42.9; 43.5; 42.6

Set 3. 43.6; 43.0; 43.8; 43.4

......all within the specified range, but slower than the previous same session. Oh well, I'll catch up some other time. Except I was forgetting : "time flies"!


  1. Maybe the local school is about to use Chev track with the term just starting LL?

  2. That track looks very inviting...what am I saying?

    They overdid it a bit LL. The roomer round the town is that there is more than one of you because people see you running all over the place. They think ther are six of you.