Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Planet of the Apes.....

....All that was missing were the apes & I'd have thought I was on another planet!

I decided to take Mr G-armin on a course he'd never experienced before : a trail bike course that some of the local youngsters & their dads have cleared & dug out in an area of bushland about 1km from home. Great job they've made of it too!

I walked to the start of the trail & followed it as it wove its tortuous way through the bush. I did NOT pretend I was on a bike & fly up, down & over those huge craters! What fun it must be though...on a trail bike!

Having jogged comfortably there, I left by taking a rolling dive - just like the commandos do in the movies! - under a barbed wire fence & into the paddock where I walk the dogs.. Here, I followed the narrow cattle track to the top of the paddock & to the water trough where the cattle come to drink. I did NOT pretend I was a cow & drink though my tongue, like theirs, was hanging out for water!

Around the corner into Bong Bong Road, there's a tap on the nature strip - big drink & lots of face splashing. Here it's always a good idea to let the tap run for a while before drinking - on some earlier run I remember turning it on, cupping my hands & down the spout came a dirty big spider!

Program : 5 to 6 km max., easy run - low heart rate.

I stopped jogging at 6km & walked the last 1km home. Before starting, I taped the top of my left hamstring & didn't have any pain during the run, but now I haven't the courage to rip the sports tape off - I'm sure I would get no thrill at all from having it torn from the top of my leg & half of my butt...etc....etc....!! It's a case now of which falls of first : the strapping or my leg!


  1. Good news that the leg didn't hurt. But ripping the tape off sure will!

    What my physio did this time (when strapping my back) was use wider 'non painful' tape that was soft and white under the sports tape. Brilliant - the ripping off didn't hurt one little bit.

  2. That dirty big spider was just waitng for you to give it a wash.

    You are very adventurous,allowing your Mr G to take you into uncharted terrotory LL.

  3. LL - the ripping of tape sounds painful to me. Just take things very easy for now. Im happy to hear that the leg wasn't hurting you.


  4. You filled the trough! It's so hot, I could lie down in that :)