Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kiss of the Spider Woman.....!

.....there she was waiting for me dot, just off centre top!

Down she came on her web as I turned on the tap for a drink, posed stunned for a minute for a photo shoot & then quickly

scrambled up the web & on her way back into the spout. I don't know what sort of spider she is, but in case she sprang at me I didn't go in for a real close up!

I'll have to use the other tap - I feel really mean giving the poor thing an unexpected waterslide each morning. I know how I'd feel if I was asleep in my bed & someone came in & hosed me down & out!

Program : 5 - 6km 'easy' run keeping a low heart rate.

And that's exactly what I did : 6km with Avg. HR = 68% of Max. Up to 90% on hills.

A cooler morning after yesterday's 32 degrees; 23 today...just reverse the numbers!


  1. Surely the spider's name is Incey Wincey - comes complete with water spout! :-)


  2. LL - I'd be moving that little spider right along it's way if it was anywhere near me :) don't feel bad at all.


  3. Its not one of those bird eating speders I hope!?!

  4. You're a kind woman LL.
    I'm not sure I'd be so generous!

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